‘Transports Security’ Commission


Last session: Tuesday 11 October 2016. Members started their duscussions by addressing the synthesis document of that came as a result of our June inauguration dinner. Afterwards, they mostly dealt with issues related to the Passengers Name Record system and risk analysis in general.

Next session: Monday 21 November 2016. The session will be dedicated to the use of Big and Open Data when it comes to identify  ‘weak signals’ for security purposes.


THINK THE FUTURE‘s ‘Transports Security’ Commission has been established right after the think-tank itself was.

This particular subject deserves to be dealt with principally because of its interconnections with wider security and safety issues, not only limited to vehicules or infrastructures per se. Facilitating exchanges and travels, modes of transport dedicated to people and/or goods appear as key elements of a wider problem. Their aerial avatar remains, by far, the most striking symbol in this case.

captureFrom aicraft in distress to concrete terrorist threats, experts, public authorities and citizens face numerous challenges in this field. Always balancing between security imperatives and prople’s rights, the debate directly addresses the equilibrium between freedom of movement and the management of take-off or landing slots, but also expectations when it comes to collective and individual security.

Moreover, the global security of transports, infrastructures, passengers and staff is directly related to other concerns such as technology, organisation or political willpower. As a result, biometry, intelligence and border control are now to be considered alongside traditional safety measures.

THINK THE FUTURE thus ambitions to gather together all the actors of transports security, both French and Europeans, in order to identify everyone’s constraints and interests. Through dialogue and shared reflection, a path towards public adapted and relevant policy has to be found tot ackle risks and threats in airports and planes, for today and for tomorrow.


Our ‘Transports Security’ Commission is presided by général d’armée aérienne (ret’d) Jean-Paul Palomeros, Founder President of THINK THE FUTURE.

Its Secretariat is helded by Charles de Couëssin, an aviation security specialist and CEO of ID Partners.


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