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Established in 2016, THINK THE FUTURE's main objective is to foster the development of strategic thinking to answer our world's fast and dramatic changes. Its scope ranges from géopolitics and économics to new technologies and human behaviour.

A non-profit organisation, respectful of the belgian law it is registered under, THINK THE FUTURE is independant, open to all opinions, proactive, and responsible.

Through the production of strategic notes and pragmatic recommendations addressed to both public and private decision-makers, THINK THE FUTURE ambitions to initiate and/or support relevant action.

Fundamentally pro-European, THINK THE FUTURE does not limit its action to the Union member countries alone. Partnerships can be established with other organisations, centres of reflexion, a national, regional or international level.



THINK THE FUTURE is interested in the analysis of core factors affecting strategic autonomy and state sovereignty, either at the national or European scales. Sécurity and Defence thus constitute two topics of special interest. But THINK THE FUTURE also deals with other matters.

The think-tank offers a forum for continuous joint reflection to all the components of our modern society: administrations, public and private sectors, civil society.

Promoting innovative solutions is a core objective to THINK THE FUTURE. Such a demarche is part of the more generalistic landscape of social transformations fostered by globalisation and the rise of new technologies.

THINK THE FUTURE also ambitions to anticipate and accompany these evolutions in bringing the attention of all actors on their human dimension.


Aiming to relevance and efficience, THINK THE FUTURE gathers together a large panel of experienced specialists – experts, researchers or executives – to conduct analyses and reflexions over complex, diverse and transverse matters.

Our think-tank thus ambitions to foster dialogue among actors in order to identify challenges before paving the way to relevant and appropriate recommandations. Such a dialogue occur through meetings conducted under formats – conferences, dinners, debates.

To better use the results of these meetings, THINK THE FUTURE produces synthese  documents on every discussed issue. The vocation of those documents is to bring recommendations to all decision-makers, either from the private or the public sector.


THINK THE FUTURE's spirit can be summed up in three clear and simple points :

Besides identifying risks and potentials for development, THINK THE FUTURE wishes to facilitate the identification and promotion of synergies between actors.

All these criteria aim at making our think-tank a credible force of proposition and a reliable actors to its partners.

When it comes to financing its activities, THINK THE FUTURE first relies on subscribtions by its adherents – companies, institutions, individuals.

As a non-profit association, our think-tank also remains open to subventions, contributions and patronage compatible with its values – first among them being its independence and sense of ethics.


img-gouvernance-photo-palomerosPRESIDENT - Jean-Paul PALOMEROS

Général d’Armée Aérienne (ret'd) Jean-Paul PALOMEROS used to be a fighter pilot. He then assumed several operational charges  before being part of the command structures of French, Allied and multinational dispositives.

Vice-chief of Staff and finally Chief of Staff of the French Armée de l’Air from 2005 to 2012, he was NATO's Supreme Allied Commander for Transformation (SACT) up to 2015, a period during which he had the responsibility to make sure Allied Forces were prepared adequately to face future challenges.

CEO of JPALOMEROS CONSULTING, he also is the Founding President of THINK THE FUTURE.


Guillaume Tissier holds a graduate diploma (DESS) in international business law. He started out as a journalist specialising in economic and legal affairs, then worked as a consultant at DATOPS.

In 1997, he joined CEIS’s Risk and Crisis Management department. There, he was particularly involved in consulting assignments in information security and cyber risk analysis.

Today, he is CEIS’s Managing Director and also Secretary General of THINK THE FUTURE.


Axel holds an advanced degree in business administration from the École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (ESCP) and started his career as a French Army officer.

He was a strategy consultant and then a Senior Partner at DATOPS (now LexisNexis Business Information Solutions), a company developing information systems, from 1995 to 2005.

Today, Axel Dyèvre manages CEIS’s Defence and Security industry activities. He is also in charge of CEIS’s European Office, which he created in 2006. Finally, he is THINK THE FUTURE's Treasurer.


General Assembly

THINK THE FUTURE’s General Assembly (AG) is formed by all the subscribers and adherents whose subscription is up to date. The General Assembly is the sovereign power within the association. It elects the members of the Administration Council for one-year mandates, oversees financial situation of the think-tank and approves yearly budgets.

Administration Council

Members of the Administration Council (CA) are elected by the General Assembly for renewable one-year terms. In charge of the daily management of THINK THE FUTURE, Administrators elect the members of the Executive Office - President, Secretary General and Treasurer.

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council (CS) is composed of twelve members appointed by the Administration Council. They constitute the intellectual center of the works conducted by THINK THE FUTURE, and thus take part to all of the studies, debates and works it conducts.



Commissions constitute THINK THE FUTURE‘s core activities.

These groups gather together several and various actors concerned by a same topic. There, they can meet, discuss and confront ideas in order to find innovative and pragmatic solutions to today and tomorrow’s challenges.


THINK THE FUTURE‘s various publications testify of its dynamism and relevance. Each one of them aims at providing insight and making sense of the matter they deal with. They also constitute vectors of proposition toward decision-makers from both the public and the private sector.


To promote qualitative debates and foster large-scale reflexion, THINK THE FUTURE regularly organises different kinds of events, most of which are open to the public.

Inaugural dinner


On June 29th 2016, at the Cercle National des Armées in Paris, général (retired) Jean-Paul Palomeros will host four key experts to debate about aviation security.

Miss nothing of THIK THE FUTURE’s activities


Meeting to debate. Thinking to act.


Individual subscriptions enable THINK THE FUTURE to conduct its activities properly. They also show how wide its supports are, making the role of subscribers crucial as each and every one of them constitutes a powerful relay for our action, permitting to share learning and diffuse ideas.


  • Access to public events organised by THINK THE FUTURE.
  • Access to our bi-mensual newsletter.
  • Access to dinners at the price of 100€.


  • Full benefits of a Simple subscription.
  • Access to summaries of our open Commissions.
  • Access to dinners at the price of 75 €.


  • Full benefits of a Premium subscription.
  • Publicity on physical and numeric materials used by THINK THE FUTURE.
  • Individual and free invite to dinners organised by THINK THE FUTURE.
1500€ or above

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Become a partner

Partnerships can be established either with private companies, public institutions or even other non-profit organisations. Each of our offers is thus adapted to their particular profile and interest for part or the whole range of our activities.

For more d’information : don’t hesitate to contact our team