French Defence Summer University 2016

Le 12 September 2016

As a partner of CEIS, the company in charge of the organisation, Think the Future could participate to the French Defence Summer University 2016. General (retired) Jean-Paul Palomeros, President and Founder of our think-tank, thus attended the whole event.

General Pierre de Villiers, French Chief of Staff (left) talking to Senator Jean-Pierre Raffarin (centre), MP Patricia Adam (right) et general Jean-Paul Palomeros (right, side)

Prime Minister Manuel Valls addressing the audience at École Polytechnique

This year, the Summer University were held both in Palaiseau at the École Polytechnique, and in Paris at the École Militaire. It enabled meetings and debates among military officers, captains of industry and political leaders. Thgether, their actions and investments ensure the defence of French territory, population, interests and values all around the world.

During a conversation witht the audience, Prime Minister Manuel Valls answered general Palomeros’ questions. The latter also met Mrs Patricia Adam, president of the Defence Commissions of the French Assemblée Nationale, and Mr Jean-Pierre Raffarin, his coutnerpart in the French Senate.

The President of Think the Future also animated a round-table conference dedicated to ‘strategic mediterranean dialogue’. This conference gathered together the two French Italian, Egyptian and Tunisian Ministers of Defence : Jean-Yves Le DrianRoberta PinottiMohammed Abdel Aziz and Farhat Horchani.

The ‘strategic Mediterranean dialogue’ round-table, animated by general Palomeros (right corner)

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